Sunday, 6 February 2011

Xbox Kinect..Pass or Fail?

I’ve been obsessed with the xbox kinect now for some time so I thought I’d give my personal opinions on this!
The kinect is an accessory to the xbox which allows people to interact with movement.  Rather than sat down just pressing buttons, you’re standing up moving your arms to press buttons known as the ‘’control free experience’. It also ‘’recognises’’ you and you can control this with voice.

I find it fascinating how it can recognise you and your words and every time I use it i feel like I’m in a sci fi film! Haha.

First day I bought this I plugged it up to the xbox and the 50inch tv on the wall (my baby) and got it up running. My first impressions of this weren’t good. ‘’This is gonna be crap’’ I kept saying. I felt a bit embarrassed when I was proved wrong.
                                              Kinect Adventures-The Adventure starts with YOU!

I firstly tried out kinect adventures, which was free with the kinect so didn’t cost us anything. I was in my element, kicking at nothing and leaping around the front room and found this very fun. It’s amazing how the kinect can tell your every move, just sucks that you have to be so far away from the tv as the sofas obstruct most our front room so I found myself kicking the sofa a few times lol! I’d give adventures 7/10 just based on the fact that it sometimes lags for me. After a while I was eager to try out the other game I had bought.

                                                           Dance Central's 'Miss Aubrey'

‘Dance central’ is a game where basically I had to dance! I was excited about this and very excited about the music on the game! When I put it on, it took a short while to get used to my moves and where to stand but I picked it up quick and the kinect is very accurate in picking up where your body is in comparison to the character (I use Miss Aubrey but her egotistical ‘’I’m hot’’ remarks annoy me). The dance moves are great fun and unlike ‘’just dance’’ for the wii you interact with your whole body rather than just your arms.

Dance central is by far one of the best games of the last year for me as I can really get involved and my dancing is kinda good now lol! I especially like the freestyle picture moments, where it looks like something out of a prodigy music video. I ended up playing for 4 hours, and the xbox told me ‘’do you want to take a rest?’’ . I really could have played it all night. I bet it also has good health benefits for ways to lose weight (well just don’t play for hours and hours as you might have a heart attack ).

For a dance enthusiast you really don’t want to stop dancing! J

Once you’ve danced all the songs, after that I think I’d get bored of it. You CAN buy songs for the game but it costs money for them and nobody likes to pay for anything these days (some free songs would be ideal, anyone know of anywhere I can get them?) So I’d give dance central 9/10 just for the fact there should be MORE music!

                                                   Fighters Ingaged- Not a girls cuppa tea..

We also bought a game called ‘fighters engaged’ Not, my cup of tea so watched my partner play it. It’s basically from what I saw, beating kicking and punching people. Looked fun but he was close to smashing up the tv screen and I think he just gave up after a while. I think 5/10 for this game although I might change my mind if I’m in a bad mood and feel like punching some air...
Basically the kinect has been good to me so far! I’m enjoying it and its also got a handy built in microphone too. Overall I say it beats the wii (although I do enjoy the wii games too) and PS3. Wii was too annoying, having to buy motion plusses, remotes breaking , accidently throwing remotes lol. And PS3 move didn’t look too fun when I watched people try it out in gamestation.

I’d say Kinect is a worthwhile investment if you either- want to lose weight, want to have good parties, enjoy ‘’getting involved’’, or just enjoy moving rather than sitting down alot. I wouldn’t buy if you have a tiny home and I’d have a big tv for a kinect because you can really feel ‘involved ‘ in the game.

So how have your experiences been on the kinect? How does it match up to Wii and PS3 move? Would Kinect games would you reccomend to add to my collection ?


  1. I'd get one for parties if they were alittle bit cheaper, I don't much have the urge to rush out and spend over a ton on something I'm rarely going to use. It is better than the Wii though.

    I throughly agree with your sci-fi point, when I had it plugged in whilst watching a movie I felt like I was in Minority Report.

  2. Yeah , felt so fun being in my own sci fi film.

    They are expensive though, especially as you firstly need the xbox too lol! :P

    I'd use it more often if broadhead didnt hog the xbox all the time with his 'halo' lol

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