Sunday, 6 February 2011

The haircare nightmare!

Hair care is a big issue for girls! Especially girls like me with very long thick hair. I find things make it greasier than it was before I washed it! To me hair is very important and I like to keep it looking its best.

For a few years now I have really let it get a mess. No cash to get to hairdressers, scared of being judged by them. So I plucked up the courage and went to ‘Badapplehair’’ in Birmingham here is the link to their website . They did my hair perfectly; they made me look like a movie star for one day I was over the moon(cost alot of money though even on the 25% discount). But once you visit the hairdressers, you know that it’s gonna go flat due to the weather and that lovely ‘’salon’’ feeling will be gone in a day or so.

So I decided to invest in some good products, and here are my opinions below.

These products are pretty pricey for what they are but they have worked wonders for me and for tonnes of people likewise.
                                                 John Frieda -Sheer Blonde- My perfect shampoo
Firstly shampoo being most important to me as I wash my hair everyday as its greasy. I use John Frieda- Sheer blonde shampoo. I know I’m not totally blonde, BUT it does bring out my highlights beautifully. This shampoo is a bit more expensive than other brands at £5.31. But is well worth the price. It smells delightful and makes my hair feel so soft and shiny. The best thing about it is since Ive been using it , my hair has not come out greasy from a wash- which other shampoos have done. It makes my highlights glisten and my hair as soft as they would have it in a salon. I’d defiantly recommend paying a little bit more. One con to this is it doesn’t make the hair very static as it gets so soft and flyaway !
                                                                Kerastase-The 'Miracle' Serum!
I’d then use heat protection as I straighten/hair dry almost every day. I’ve tried a few heat protection brands on the market but I have still ended up with burnt ends to my hair. So after I had it done at the salon I wanted to stop the burning! I purchased from the salon- Kerastase heat protection cream. This has by far been the BEST protection product I’ve used. It not only helps to stop burning, but also makes your hair very glossy and shiny, and also smells lovely. It’s the miracle serum! But at a pricey £15-20 and a small bottle, use sparingly! I use once or twice a week.


Then to hold ev erything in place a hairspray! For the HOLD factor I’d defiantly recommend Elnett by L’Oreal. This is an amazing mist which holds without the horrible ‘hardened’ feeling to your hair and doesn’t bust the wallet too! If you’re looking for the SHINE factor I’d choose Bedhead-TIGI head rush. This stuff smells AMAZING and makes your hair smell salon fresh all day! It also gives an amazing shine to your hair or can be worn without brushing through for a messy look. Overall at £10-20 its pricey for hairspray but worth it!

That’s pretty much my hair care routine for salon soft hair! J  Does anyone know cheaper alternatives which I could test out to compare these?

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