Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jobs, work and all the bits in between...

Looking for a decent job here is like finding a needle in a haystack. Or a barn for that matter. Firstly there's the fact a good number of jobs that are decent , but are like part time or temp work. I'm not looking for anything like that, I need more cash not less lol.And then theres the amazing ones i never seem to get. Then the okay ones ; but in a rough area that i wouldnt dare venture to. e.g. Handsworth.

Currently working for the council, and learnt so much I thought thatd be a good thing. But with this recession and all, hundreds of council workers, just like me face being unemployed in this climate. My contracts ending in June so I knew this was coming. So basically a TONNE of competition!

Luckily I have an interview for the NHS next month . I was so excited when I read it that I forgot to read the part that said ''weekend job''....

However Im still going for it! An extra £200.00 a month and the cash can buy me some nice things :-) lol. Why is it at the age of 18 I managed to get into the council and establish myself , even win 'employee of the month' (LOL) YET I am not hearing anything back. Do people discriminate because of my age?? makes me wonder...

One interview and Ive been applying since January...

When I was unemployed and just moved down  from Scotland , in the whole 6 months of applying for literally HUNDREDS of jobs, I had one puny interview. Which he said ''was a choice between me or another person''. I'd have been doing photography and website designs for a kitchen and bathroom studio. Have my own office, a MAC, undisturbed work ... ahh... and some lucky bugger got it over me.

I really sympathise with anyone who's looking for work right now. What the government have done is ridiculous.

Cut everything at once, instead of solving problems little by little. David Cameron and Nick Clegg just annoy me. Been trying for so long to get their grimey hands into Downing Street. Cameron cares more about his headlice infestation than about his people.

My advice to people looking for work and really trying their upmost best is never to give up no matter how much people turn you down,if you feel you lack on writing and cv's you can actually request help at a local job center (they don't like telling you about it as it costs them money) but you can request a specialist CV writer to some in and help write out your cv properly. And just practice your interviews as best as you can estimate with family or friends. Or even some random person or a teddy bear haha ! lol!

I'm dreading the next interview coming up. A weekend job isn't NECCESSARY but the cash would be a lifesaver right now! Working fulltime all week and a weekend job, is that too much for someone to take on though?

Will the stress of no sleep and all work send me into madness?

Will I even get the job?! who knows!

I guess with a weekend job it doesnt matter if I quit really. I need a weekly job though more. :-/ .

Around the country people seem to be struggling to find work. Its upsetting that some people are losing their livlihood and their passion for a job, and even commiting suicide. (for example when a mine shut down in Wales, the rate of suicide in this little village was at an all time high). Some people who have worked a job for so long feel so lost without one.

And due to no one hiring anyone. Teens and young people have nothing to do so some get into a cycle of crime. Admittidly most try. But some , as you walk into a job centre, you can tell just cant be bothered especially the ones sat outside with a Lager. Its a shame too. Because they'd actually have a smile on their face if they did something with their lives.

So most of us are in the same boat and really competition for each other. Yet when 50% of people cant be bothered and 50% of people can be bothered. Why then is there no jobs for normal people. We arent all rocket scientist with fabulous degrees in astro-physics. I think some places who hire, make it too difficult for people too.

Oh well rant over :-) I'm off to cook lol!


  1. My job is to help 16-24 year olds do something productive with their lives and build their confidence in both society and the government.

    Best part about this is I'm 16-24 and I'm most likely going to be out of a job when my conract ends in April, but then I kind of expected that since I have to deal with demotivational figures and MPs feigning empathy everyday.

    Youth unemployment had reach 1.2m now, the highest since Thatcher and it's the worst in the West Midlands.

    Good luck with the NHS job, if all else fails there are some oppurtunies available on my website but competition is tough.


    Oh, and people have been commenting on my blogs about how pretty yours is :P

  2. Are you doing future job funds too?
    Or another scheme :-)?

    Unemployment is shocking here, cant believe how bad its been just getting on a scheme. Which I think they are scrapping too :-(.

    I think it was a great opportunity. But then again politicians dont care. They talk about saving money yet most are stealing off 'expenses' or whatever its called lol!

    I shall take a look :_)

  3. I am indeed, in fact I am the one of the last people that will ever do the scheme as the Coalition scrapped it soon after I started.

    Unemployement is shocking everywhere, more so here because it used to be an industrial capital in a country that now does it's industry over-seas.

  4. Me too.. Awful isnt it how they scrapped it. Im really enjoying my placement even got an nvq out of it and a 6 month extension. Shame that people wont get this opportunity. Helped me so much.

    Seems like alot of people dont think great BritAin is that great anymore lol

  5. Yeah, but 'Mediocre Britain' doesn't have the same ring to it....