Sunday, 6 February 2011

My first blog :-) Going to review a few skin care products I've tried in the past

Hey all!
Welcome to my blog, I hope it is an interesting and insightful page for you. I’m going to review today some products I've used in the past and the effects they have had on my skin.

The products I use are not necessarily the most expensive brands on the market, but when you’re pinched for pennies I have no choice. My skin is a mixture of oily and dry, dry on my nose. I find that anything can make the oiliness worse, so finding the correct product for me is vital – I just think I may have found them have too!

One Christmas ago I received the gift of AVON anew-Daily Oxygen face wash, as pictured below.
                                                           Avon Anew Oxygen Wash
So Xmas morning (as you do) I decided to try this out .It’s basically a transparent wash containing blue microbeads (well more soft beads that exfoliating beads). After applying to my face, I realised that this gel must have cooling qualities to it and it made my face literally feel like there is a cool breeze blowing against me, which felt very invigorating and wakes me up! After washing it off my face instantly feels refreshed and smooth. The only con I’d say was it doesn’t remove make up too well. So I’d use a face wipe first or a good make up remover (especially for mascara). I’d also say caution to people with sensitive skin as I’m not sure what the cooling product is but sometimes it can sting broken skin a bit.

Overall pricing in from £3.70-£5.00 it is a worthwhile buy and I would strongly recommend it as it’s such an invigorating refreshing wash!

After this wash, I would then use a cleanser, just to remove anything that may be left over. I had also been given one as a gift and dug it out to try it on one of my ‘let’s experiment’ days. Boots- cucumber cleansing lotion. It felt amazing when it was on, very cooling on the face, smelt lovely and an amazing milky texture! Didn’t want to take it off! I rinsed it off and my face was very soft and cooled off. All in all great value for money at £1.69 and very worth it! Cons- again it does sting broken skin alot.
                                                            Boots-Cucumber cleansing lotion
After the cleanser again I use the same boots cucumber range but instead the toner. I dab this all over my face (watching for the eyes!) Instantly my face feels refreshed and CLEAN! Again I’d defiantly recommend value for money. Cons- Very potent smell of alcohol, and watch out sensitive skin this will hurt! I’d recommend a toner with lower alcohol content J
      Boots Cucumber toner
And to finish with my favourite moisturiser, I use (for day) Nivea natural beauty (as a base for my makeup, however watch out with mousse foundation as sometimes they don’t mix well). It gives the skin a nice glow and smells divine. In the jar it is the colour of foundation and tbh for people with very clear skin, I think you wouldn’t even need foundation as this would give a lovely dewy glow. Cons- Not tasty for someone kissing you on the cheek, don’t get on your lips, tastes horrid, and isn’t a good base for certain types of makeup. For night moisturising I use johnson's dreamy skin with a lavender scent. Specifically designed to wear at night this cream is very thick and smells absolutely gorgeous!! The only cons with this cream is the weird texture on your face which feels very strange to me anyway! Overall very ‘dreamy’ due to lavender scent and a nice price tag!
                                                    Nivea- Natural Beauty
                                                              Johnson's dreamy skin.
Well there you have it! My cure to my oily skin and my fave products! Just bought some St Ives apricot facial scrub and I’m going to go use that now and tell you what I think! So what are everyone’s favourite facial products for a daily routine??? J