Sunday, 6 February 2011

Outfit of the week 6/2/2011

Decided to post a favourite outfit each week now!
This outfit has been on my mind for months now and I REALLY want to go out and buy them, but Im strapped for cash right now so I can dream!

Firstly though I had to mention this top!!!!!

            River Island-Cream Tunic-£24.99

This is not the type of top I'd put with the outfit below but when I saw it I had to say how much I like it. Its just so summery and ME! These are the kind of tops I wear day to day. Love the detail and the lovely straps. Am SO getting my hands on one of these before the summer :-)

Now onto the outfit!!

                                                  Miss selfridge- petites waterfall Mink-£40.00

This coat gives a perfect drop down the front and will make the plainest of outfit seem exciting, I chose this due to my top being plain in design. This draws the eye to the top and makes it more exciting, as well as being a very pretty coat.

                                                      New Look-£5.99

Yes, this top is pretty basic , but sometimes less is more, combined with the outfir the pink really stands out and draws the eye to you. The bow detail at the back is very flattering and pretty when worn without the coat, and colour matches with the shoes!! :-) Very cheap and cheerful!


                                                                  New Look-£18.99

Ive been wanting some chiffon trousers for ages now and I think these are the right ones for me ! The grey suits with the lovely jacket and these do not pierce the wallet like other chinos Ive seen for sale. These would be worn over the pink top with a nice brown belt to compliment the  shoes.

                                                    River Island- £50.00

I abosloutely LOVE these shoes . They are gorgeous cannot wait to add them to my collection!  They match with the pink top and look beautful with trousers or a skirt! Platformed too so would be more comfortable to wear and the heel will not kill me haha!

                                                  River Island- £40.00

Fortunatly I already have this bag. Chose this one because it matches perfectly with the outfit and I love this bag it goes everywhere with me. Looks so classy and elegant and can be held with a short handle or over the shoulder with a long handle. Love it!!



I chose this purely for uniqueness. Its a beautiful necklace which adds fun to any outfit. Ive never seen anything quite like it and I'm falling for it!


 I chose this bracelet as its a very chunky eye catching piece. The pink encorporates the outfit and brings it all together! The floral design is also very pretty! Accesorize- £8.00

                                                                River Island-£9.99
Can't say no to a statement ring. This ring is the perfect colour and matches everything prefectly. The flower design is very flattering and very pretty tbh!

                                                                  Barry M-£1.99

Had to add nail varnish. This is by Barry M and I love the colour. So pretty and suits outfir perfectly and brings it ALL together :)

Thats my outfit for this week. Hopefully will actually have the cash to buy it soon!!! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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