Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Some of my favourite dresses :-)

I LOVE dresses.. what girl doesn't? I have a wardrobe dedicated to my dresses and they are growing at an alarming rate. So I'm going to share some favourite dresses at the moment (in my price range) that I havent been able to get my hands on yet and might never get again, but would I LOVE to have!

This dress is absolutely stunning. Unfortunatly couldnt get because I didnt get the chance to get it in Monsoon before it ran out. I'd LOVE one if anyone has an unwanted one! I'm only short but I'd get it adjusted as I love this dress so much :) LOL.

I love this floaty dress by Asos.. The colour is the most amazing part! My fave colour!

This summer I'm going to invest in a gorgeous strapless summer dress :) Last year I bought one and I'm still in love with it. Summer dresses are amazing and even in winter you'll find me cuddled up in a summer dress and tights :P.

This dress is so lovely, perfect for parties, however I'd put a belt around the middle or something, love the split sleeves ! 
I've always wanted a TINNYYY mini dress for nights out ,just to say ''yeah I still got it'' lol! This one is ideal for me. As its my fave colour. Love the wrap texture, I'd feel alot comfortable wearing it, if you understand me lool.

I love the grecian style of this lipsy dress! Very revealing clevage wise but love the detailing.

At the moment I'm more girly , into my pinks and pastol shades, as I think these just look so flattering and naturally pretty :-)

So they are what I want at the moment. I'd love that 1st dress but its gone from shops. Anyone know anywhere that might sell them, like an outlet?


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