Sunday, 6 February 2011

St Ives Facial scrub...Hit or miss?

Okay to update on my earlier blog about skincare products I said I had bought this St Ive's facial scrub.
Here is the verdict:
St Ives- A real life saint

Okay so tried this out tonight and thought I'd update you on it! I paid £5.31 for this (which I could have gotten cheaper from elsewhere but oh well) so I thought it better be worth the money! Took off all my make up and jumped into the shower and put this on. First impressions were good. Exfoliation microbeads and for sensitive skin so was very gentle on me and a pleasent-ish aroma. Skin immediatly felt soft when I started lathering it and then I rinsed it off after some circular applications. I immediatly felt the difference then applied my usual cleanser. I then felt so amazed at how soft my skin was compared to my usual ritual that I ran downstairs in a towel to make my boyfriend touch my skin just to make sure it wasn't just me lol! Couldnt believe the difference. Skin feels mega soft and totally blemish free! (Its a big thing for me being an ex-acne sufferer, never want my skin to go back to that state again! ).

Overall I'd definatly reccomend! Pay more and treat yourself as this is one gorgeous facial wash! I heard they do body scrubs too! I'm definatly going to invest in one :-).


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